Cowboy Roundup

Hilton Head Island is filled with a sea of restaurants, many catering to the thousands of tourists that come to visit each season.

Hilton Head’s Most Unique Dining Experience

Hilton Head Island is filled with a sea of restaurants, many catering to the thousands of tourists that come to visit each season. Some have water views or coastal dishes in attempts to satisfy the vacationers in search of a typical seafood dinner while at the beach. Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse, winner of Open Table’s 2015 Diner’s Choice Award, provides an atypical dining experience for foodies in search of something unforgettable. The Cowboy concept is brilliant and the perfect choice for any occasion and with large groups or small. The restaurant’s sleek and contemporary interior is beautiful.  From its well-dressed dining rooms with stunning bold red fiery blown-glass light fixtures to the substantial bar that anchors the entrance room, the decor is decidedly bold in its’ color and lighting choices. Though many of the guests are dressed up and enjoying their fine meals, the overall vibe from the staff is a friendly and casual one. A strong suggestion would be to come hungry… very hungry, for this all-you-can eat experience.

The server began with a warm welcome and introduction of the steps we would take in our dining. First, our beverages were selected and then we were on our way to Step 2, a visit to the salad bar. Not sure if  “salad bar’ would be the proper terminology to label the smorgasbord that lay before us. Envision two, very long, food service areas on opposite walls, one with hot selections and another with cold.  Brazilian salads such as asparagus, beets, broccoli, apple, artichoke pasta,  chicken salad, potato salad, mixed greens, pasta, hearts of palm, jumbo shrimp, smoked salmon, fresh mozzarella and assorted dry cheeses and olives. The hot sides included soup, rice, black beans, mashed potatoes, balsamic mushrooms and Brazilian collard greens. We returned to the table and as instructed flipped our small, round two-sided cards that resembled coasters to the green side, signaling that we were ready to be served the meat- yes, please.

The skilled gauchos (meaning cowboys), surprisingly all of Spanish decent, circled the room, stopping at each table with a variety of meats on large sword-like skewers. This authentic Brazilian steakhouse experience, called Churrasco is the carving of a large selection of different grilled meats directly onto the guests plates. Meats include lamb chops, filet mignon, tip sirloin, beef ribs, pork parmesan, bbq ribs, spicy chicken and pork sausage, bacon-wrapped chicken and filet, chicken drums and flank steak. The guest controls the continuity of the meats being served simply by turning their card to the red side-no, thank you which signals the Gaucho to pass by. This allows stomachs to rest and/or for guests to revisit the hot/cold bars for refills.

We decelerated our feasting and sampled a light and delicious cinnamon-crusted pineapple offered to us by the gauchos, carved hot off the skewers. It was the perfect transition for our palette as we summoned up the courage to find room for dessert. The dessert tray arrived with difficult choices such as key lime pie and red velvet cake with cheesecake icing. We opted to share. Suffice to say; we were very satisfied by the time we parted ways with our polite and attentive server. The Churrasco experience was both fun and delicious and exceeded our expectations! Visit the Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse website for offers such as early bird dining coupons for $29.95, available for diners arriving before 6 pm. $37 adults, $15 Kids (6-12) $20 Salad Bar only. Under 5-Free. Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouseis located at The Village of Wexford 1000 William Hilton Parkway Unit B.6

Contact Us: 843-715-3565